After the election: all change for UK sanctions litigation?

Posted on 11 December 2019 by Carter-Ruck

Though polls consistently show a Conservative lead, it would be a brave writer who'd hazard a prediction of the outcome of the UK General Election.


UK Election 2019: What you can and can’t say about a candidate

Posted on 05 December 2019 by Carter-Ruck

The UK General Election of 2019 has seen many claims and counter-claims of falsehood and distortion but, as Carter-Ruck's Katherine Hooley explains, there are limits to what can be said when campaigning.


Elon Musk’s defamation trial begins in LA

Posted on 04 December 2019 by Carter-Ruck

While many watchful eyes are fixed on President Trump's Twitter feed during his UK visit to take part in this week's NATO summit, across the pond a court will hear the trial of another public figure who has developed a reputation for dramatic Twitter interventions.


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