Carter-Ruck are again pleased to be contributors to the Second Edition of Global Investigations Review’s Guide to Sanctions published in July 2021.

Guide Overview

We live in a dynamic and fast-moving era for sanctions, which are becoming an evermore frequently deployed tool of international policy and geopolitics. More states are using them in more creative (and often unilateral) ways. An increasingly complicated web of internationally applicable rules and regulations is developing as a result, and it has never been more important for participants to be fully informed. This is the second edition of the definitive guide to sanctions – the first publication to address in a structured way all the main issues raised by the proliferation of sanctions regimes and investigations. GIR’s Guide to Sanctions addresses these issues with the contribution of Carter-Ruck partner Guy Martin and senior associate Charles Enderby Smith. The Guide clearly dissects the topic in a practical fashion, from the perspectives of various key stakeholder’s, providing an invaluable resource.


Download the GIR Second Edition Guide to Sanctions here.

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