Ecclestone v Elite Motors [2014] EWHC 29 (QB)

The High Court has now given judgment in the dispute which followed what was widely reported as the “custody battle” between Tamara Ecclestone and her former boyfriend Omar Khyami over ownership of a Lamborghini Aventador which he claimed (and she denied) had been given to him as a birthday present.

In his judgment Dingemans J found that the car had indeed been a gift to Mr Khyami and that the interim injunction which Ms Ecclestone had obtained had been given on the basis of false evidence. As the car had in fact belonged to Mr Khyami at the relevant time, he had been entitled to sell the car to Elite Motors which had in turn been entitled to sell it on. Ms Ecclestone was accordingly liable to the remaining parties in the case and was ordered to deliver up the car and pay damages.

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