Model and reality TV Star Danielle Lloyd has settled her libel action against The Daily Mirror after receiving an apology, a Statement in Open Court and a substantial sum in damages.

Press Release

Danielle Lloyd – The Daily Mirror

16 November 2007

Model and reality TV Star Danielle Lloyd, has settled her libel action against The Daily Mirror after receiving an apology, a statement in open court, and a substantial sum in damages together with payment of her legal costs.

The Daily Mirror alleged, in an article published on 11 July 2007 that Ms Lloyd had been dumped by the footballer Marcus Bent after he discovered that she had slept with the rap star 50 Cent. The article also made other false allegations of sexual impropriety. Ms Lloyd instructed Carter-Ruck immediately after publication. Promptly after this, the Mirror published an apology accepting that all allegations in the article were untrue and apologised to Ms Lloyd for the distress and embarrassment caused to her. Ms Lloyd was represented by Nigel Tait, Magnus Boyd and Rebecca Toman.

Ms Lloyd said:

“I was devastated by the disgusting lies about my private life which The Daily Mirror published without a shred of evidence to back them up and despite being told the truth in advance. The allegations could not have been more hurtful and the story in which they appeared was unbelievably spiteful and malicious.

Living with that horrible story hanging over my head was bad enough. But in addition, myself and my family had to endure the most revolting gossip and rumour and, I fear, being viewed with suspicion by some of my friends and people who know me.

I am glad The Daily Mirror has now admitted they published lies about me and I hope their admission and today’s statement in court will go some way to restoring my reputation. For that and their financial settlement, which includes my legal fees, I thank them and my legal team, headed by Nigel Tait at Carter-Ruck.

I’m now looking forward to being able to concentrate on my career.”

Statement in Open Court

Danielle Lloyd and MGN

16 November 2007

Solicitor-Advocate for the Claimant
My Lord, in this action I represent the Claimant, Miss Danielle Lloyd. Ms Blinne Ni Ghralaigh, a barrister from Matrix Chambers represents the Defendant.

The Claimant is a well-known model and former Miss Great Britain. The Defendant is the publisher of the Daily Mirror.

On 11 July 2007 the Defendant published a story in its newspaper with the headline, ‘Fiddy’s no diddy, Danielle looking wobbly after a big night in with 50 Cent’. The article was also published on the Newspaper’s website.

The article alleged that Danielle Lloyd had sexually propositioned the rapper 50 Cent and, on another occasion, propositioned the singer Jason Orange. The article also alleged that Danielle Lloyd had sex with 50 Cent whilst going out with a football player called Marcus Bent. The allegations were false. Danielle Lloyd did not proposition 50 Cent or Jason Orange, sexually or otherwise, nor did she have sex with 50 Cent and nor was she going out with, and therefore unfaithful to, Marcus Bent. The Newspaper now accepts that what it published is untrue.

The article was hurtful and caused Danielle Lloyd distress and embarrassment.

The Daily Mirror never sought to defend the truth of the allegations. The Newspaper accepted that it was wrong to publish the story and so published an apology on 20 July 2007. MGN Limited has agreed to pay Danielle Lloyd substantial damages and agreed legal costs.

The Defendant’s Barrister
My Lord, on behalf of the Defendant I endorse what Mr Boyd has said. MGN Limited, through me, apologises once again to Danielle Lloyd for the distress and embarrassment that has been caused to her by the publication of the article. In addition, the Defendant has undertaken not to republish the same or similar allegations of the Claimant.

The Claimant’s Solicitor
My Lord, with that the Claimant is content to let the matter rest and all that remains is for me to ask for your Lordship’s permission to withdraw the record.

Magnus Boyd
Solicitor-Advocate for the Claimant

Blinne Ni Ghralaigh
Matrix Chambers
on behalf of the Defendants

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