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Media Law: Recent Work Archive: 2008

Larissa Summers

Model Larissa Summers has secured substantial privacy damages from the News of the World. The newspaper had published details of Ms Summers’ life after she dated the rugby star Danny Cipriani.

Ms Summers was represented by Magnus Boyd.

Malcolm Hurlston

Malcolm Hurlston has won a legal complaint against the Mail on Sunday. As well as apologising through a Statement in Open Court and publishing a report of it, the Mail on Sunday has agreed to pay substantial damages to Mr Hurlston.

Mr Hurlston was represented by Alasdair Pepper and Antonia Foster.

Statement in Open Court

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller has won her privacy action against the Daily Star over a photograph showing harassment by the paparazzi. Ms Miller secured damages of £15,000 and an apology.

Sienna Miller was represented by Mark Thomson.


Massoud Shadjareh

Massoud Shadjareh, Chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, has won his libel complaint against the Sunday Times. The newspaper published an apology and has agreed to pay Mr Shadjareh substantial damages. A copy of the apology is attached.

Mr Shadjareh was represented by Mark Thomson and Michelle Riondel.Apology


Kate McCann

Kate McCann has received a full apology from The News of the World following the newspaper’s unauthorised publication of extracts from her diary. The News of the World has also agreed to make a financial donation, to be used by the McCanns in the search for their daughter Madeleine.


At Mrs McCann’s request, Carter-Ruck has issued a press release making clear that Mrs McCann had not consented and does not consent to the publication of her diary or of any extracts from it.

Mrs McCann was represented in this matter by Adam Tudor and Stevie Loughrey.Press Release

Mr Speaker

The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Right Hon Michael J Martin MP, has succeeded in his libel complaint against the Times newspaper, in respect of false allegations that he had been waging a "class war" against Officers of the House of Commons. The Times published a full apology.

The Speaker was represented by Guy Martin and Isabel Martorell

Anthony Steen MP

Anthony Steen, Conservative MP for Totnes, has won his libel complaint against the Western Morning News and secured an apology with a front page banner. The Western Morning News also agreed to pay £10,000 damages to Mr Steen.

Mr Steen was represented by Mark Thomson and Michelle Riondel.Press ReleaseApology


Darragh MacAnthony

Darragh MacAnthony, Chairman of Peterborough United Football Club and of leading international property company MRI Overseas Property, has obtained a full apology from the News of The World over false allegations that financial circumstances were such that Peterborough United was being forced to sell a leading player for a knock-down price. The newspaper also agreed to pay damages, to be donated at Mr MacAnthony's request to a local charity.

Mr MacAnthony and Peterborough United were represented by Adam Tudor and Isabel Martorell.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller has commenced proceedings for breach of privacy against the News of the World and Big Pictures.

Ms Miller is represented by Mark Thomson.

Yusuf Islam

Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) has won apologies and substantial libel damages (which will go to charity) from WENN, a media news agency, and Contactmusic.com, an entertainment news website, over false allegations that he had refused to speak to women who did not wear a veil.

Mr Islam is represented by Adam Tudor.Press ReleaseStatement in Open Court


Frank Warren

On 16 July 2008, Frank Warren dealt a further blow to Random House in his ongoing libel case against the publisher over allegations in the book "Ricky Hatton: The Hitman, My Story". The Court of Appeal dismissed the publisher's groundbreaking application to withdraw its offer of amends which had already been accepted by Mr Warren and substitute it for a plea of justification. The case continues to trial which commences on 1 December 2008.

The Carter-Ruck team representing Frank Warren was led by Nigel Tait and Hanna Basha.Judgment


Kate and Gerry McCann

Carter-Ruck secured unprecedented front-page apologies from the Daily Express, the Sunday Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Star Sunday for Gerry and Kate McCann, for having falsely alleged that they were responsible for the death of their daughter Madeleine and that they had conspired to cover up their actions.  Express Newspapers (which publish the titles in question) also agreed to pay libel damages of £550,000, to be donated (at the McCanns’ request) to the fund set up to find their daughter Madeleine.

Express Newspapers made a further unreserved apology in the High Court for publishing a series of over one hundred highly defamatory articles about Mr and Mrs McCann from the late summer of 2007 until February 2008.


Gerry and Kate McCann are represented by Adam Tudor and Isabel Martorell.Press ReleaseStatement in Open Court


Leigh Petters

Leigh Petters, a solicitor from Bristol, has won damages totalling £60,000 from the BBC and Channel 4 following news broadcasts which wrongly implicated him in a phone-in "scam" involving the Channel 5 quiz, Brainteaser.

As well as paying Mr Petters damages, the BBC and Channel 4 broadcast full apologies, acknowledging that Mr Petters had no involvement whatsoever in any wrongdoing.

Mr Petters was represented by Adam Tudor and Athalie Matthews.Statement in Open Court


Hugh Laurie

Actor Hugh Laurie is being represented by Carter-Ruck partner Mark Thomson in various matters.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari

The Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, has received a full apology from The Times over false allegations concerning the East London Mosque, of which he is the Chairman. The apology was published in two separate editions of The Times and on its website.

Dr Bari was represented by Adam Tudor.

Prince Radu of Romania

Prince Radu of Romania has won the first part of his libel action against the editor and publisher of Royalty Monthly magazine. In the trial before Mr Justice Eady, the Judge found that the article complained of was not the product of responsible journalism. A second trial will take place in October 2008 when the court will hear the Defendants' alternative Defences.

Prince Radu is being represented by Alasdair Pepper and Antonia Foster.Judgment 


Danielle Lloyd

Model and reality TV Star Danielle Lloyd has settled her libel action against The Daily Mirror after receiving an apology, a Statement in Open Court and a substantial sum in damages.

Ms Lloyd was represented by Nigel Tait and Magnus Boyd.Statement in Open CourtPress Release


Mohamed Taranissi

Carter-Ruck acted for Mohamed Taranissi, the well-known consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and IVF specialist, and his clinic the ARGC, in their claim for libel against the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). The parties have now agreed terms which included the reading of the Statement in Open Court.


Carter-Ruck is also representing Mr Taranissi and the ARGC in defamation proceedings against the BBC following broadcast of their Panorama programme, "IVF Undercover".

Mr Taranissi and the ARGC are represented by Alasdair Pepper and Antonia Foster.

Sophie Anderton

Model Sophie Anderton has received a full apology and damages from the News of the World over false allegations that she had a secret affair with Ziggy, the Big Brother contestant.

Ms Anderton was represented by Mark Thomson.

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